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One of the best parts of Halloween is all the treats you (and your little ones) get to indulge in.

I don’t have much creativity when it comes to spooky goodies — the only sweets I give out are the kind you can buy at the store. But if you love making delicious desserts and cute treats for your little ones, you have to check out these awesome recipes.

Whether you’re scrambling to bake something for your kid’s school Halloween party or just want a fun indulgence for yourself, you can’t go wrong with these creepy delights.

1. How cute are these Rice Krispie treat monsters?


2. The only thing scary about these ghost brownies is that they’ll definitely run out fast.


3. This Bundt cake is a perfectly festive way to get into the Halloween spirit.


4. No baking is required for these easy pumpkin cheesecake truffle mummies!


5. Send your little witch to their Halloween party in style with these wicked hat cookies.